Texas Hold'Em Poker
How to Play Texas Hold’Em Poker

How to Play Texas Hold’Em Poker

Every player is dealt two cards facing down which are called pocket cards or hole cards. Then there is a round of betting. Three community cards, the flop, which is then dealt, face-up, followed by the second round of betting. The turn, which is the fourth community card, is dealt, face up. There is another round of betting, then a final card community card, the river, is dealt.

At the showdown, each player plays the best five-card hand using the hole cards and the five community cards, board cards. The player with the best hand wins the sum of money the players bet during the game called the pot. 


When it is a player’s turn to place their bets, five acts can be played:

  1. Bet. The opening wager of a betting round.
  2. Call. To match a bet or a raise.
  3. Fold. To forfeit a pot by discarding your hand.
  4. Check. To bet zero, which is not allowed on the opening round.
  5. Raise. To increase the size of the current get.

Poker Hands

  • Five of a kind — This is the highest hand with a wild, such as a joker. Four 10s and a joker.
  • Straight flush — This is the highest hand when using a standard pack with no wild cards. It includes five cards of the same suit in sequence. 8,7 6 5 4 of spades.
  • Four of a kind — This is the next highest cards, for example, four 10s.
  • Full house — This consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different rank. Three 6s and two 8s.
  • Flush — Five cards of the same suit but not in sequence, K, 10,8,5,3 of spades.
  • Straight — Five cards in order but of a different suit. 7 hearts, 6 spades, 5 diamonds, 4 clubs, 3 spades.
  • Three of a kind — This is a combination of three cards of the same rank and two cards of different ranks. Such as three queens, a six, and a three.
  • Two pairs — This contains a pair of one rank, another pair of a different rank, and the fifth card of some other rank. 8, 8, 5, 5, Q.
  • One pair — This is a combination of one pair of a rank and three cards of different ranks. 6, 6, 5,3, J.
  • No pair — When there is no pair, no sequence, and cards are not of the same suit, the hands are rated by the highest card.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker in Canadian online and land-based casinos. It is a game that uses skills more than luck and strategies and rules that are easy to master.

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